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« Adambì: a generation ahead. Adambì is the ecosystem of advanced and reliable technologies to organize, control and optimize waste management services in an integrated manner.  »

Who we are

Adambì is a branch of Adgenera dedicated to the Environment Technologies. Aware of the complexity to be managed, Adambì transferred the research and technological development know-how of Adgenera in automative, logistics and transport fields to the waste management sector. Their mission is to help waste management companies perform their business better.

Adambì completely designs its own products, from electronic boards to the management system. This allows the highest amount of control over the product. It also allows to improve the product according to the specific needs of the customer.


Every waste management company faces specific issues that may vary according to the type of users and their territorial distribution. Waste collection, transport, recycling and disposal are complex and costly activities that require organization and control. Managing different waste collection and fee systems, complying with the constraints given by the territory and the sorted waste collection targets, are the challenges that waste management companies have to face. Furthermore, the environmental impact of waste and its treatment must be constantly monitored to avoid long-term damage caused by pollution.

Adambì was born to apply the most modern technologies to waste collection systems, aiming to:

  • provide a complete and reliable solution that guarantees a high return on investment and adapts to every context;
  • integrate flexibly with existing systems, including those from third parties;
  • increase productivity, offering a complete «dashboard» for the planning and monitoring of users, resources and vehicles on the territory;
  • significantly reduce the logistical costs of collection, thanks to detection of actual fill level of individual containers; optimization of collection rounds; and resource control;
  • significantly increase sorted collection, empowering users in a simple way;
  • simplify the detection and quantification of the waste produced by each individual user;
  • enable and manage any fee system (even PAYT) for the services, both in the case of door-to-door collection and street collection;
  • adapt to regulations by introducing usage-based pricing.

The company developed waste management solutions, enhancing cleaner cities ad money saving for citizens. These solutions are able to quantify waste and to measure waste bins levels. Also, the smart lock can be opened by a limited number of people. The whole products are managed through a user friendly management software which can be integrated into third systems.

RML level sensor is the ideal solution for reliably monitoring the fill level of waste bins of any size and shape. It can be installed easily in a few minutes, does not require any maintenance and provides immediate benefit for the waste collection company. The data collected and processed on the management platform allow it to constantly monitor the filling level of all bins on the territory from a single application, set a custom threshold of “bin almost full alert”, schedule emptying only almost full containers, and save time and fuel during waste collection by optimizing the emptying frequency and the vehicle routes.

Adambì’s products are technologically advanced and patented. The patented optical technology for waste collection is suitable for road waste collection, ecological islands, building shared waste collection.

Our advantages

  • Adambì uses the patented RM Optical Technology, capable of monitoring waste without contact and without moving parts. This technology integrates the most advanced algorithms to allow a reliable measurement in any bin, even in the presence of bulky or irregularly shaped waste. The Optical Technology overcomes the reliability limits of traditional solutions that are not able to make a correct assessment of the bin’s fill level in many common situations.
  • Adambì completely designs its own products, allowing a high level of control over them. Also, the product can be personalized following the specific needs of the customer
  • Adambì’s products can be installed on any waste bins, both in new containers and in those already in use. The customer doesn’t have to replace his waste bins. Instead.
  • The management software is modular, complete and customizable. It adapts to the needs and is “open” to integrate with third-party solutions.


Our products

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« Adambì: a generation ahead. Adambì is the ecosystem of advanced and reliable technologies to organize, control and optimize waste management services in an integrated manner.  »

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