« Hidden Champion in the Global Materials Industry »

A company that grows and shares together through the development of eco-friendly raw materials.

Who we are

The company Astis* is focused on biomaterial research, and has established to contribute to human health and environment through global partnership with world companies. It is a small but powerful and leading research company hoping to become a Hidden Champion in the biomaterials market. They are always focused on the impact their products have on the world, throughout the world.

Astis has developed a material that essentially decomposes major odor molecules such as formaldehyde, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, and trimethylamine using only natural ionic components. This solution is totally harmless to humans, animals, and the environment, but has a very strong deodorant power. It can effectively solve the stench problem of livestock farmers as well as daily life.

*Advanced solutions for total ingredient sciences

Our advantages

We implement collaboration technology with chemical, nano, pharmaceutical and food fields based on biotechnology.

Our products

TETHYS For My BABY – Antibacterial Deodorizer for Infant Products)
TETHYS For My PET – Antibacterial Deodorizer for PET Products
TETHYS For My ETIQUETTE – Antibacterial Deodorizer for clothing/daily goods



Astis in video


Air, Odours, Noise / Air

« Hidden Champion in the Global Materials Industry »