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« Let's DIP in clean. The Unique Direct In-Line Pumping system with No Wet Well »

Who we are

SIDE Industrie is a French family company that has been specialized for over 30 years in solutions for the pumping of “difficult fluids”. Based on practical expertise in the field, the development of its product range (56 models with flow rate: from 20 to 10,000 gpm/unit and head from 3 to 300 ft.) is the result of 30 years of research, and from listening to the daily concerns of its 2,000 users worldwide, enabling them today to offer a modern alternative to wastewater lift stations that saves time and money. Their whole range of products are manufactured and tested at their Villemer site, 1 hour from Paris and they count now over 2,000 references (new pumping stations and renovation of existing installations) all over the world. By lifting gravity effluent directly at the point of entry, without water loading or any wet well, their DIP Systeme overcomes the drawbacks of retained volumes of effluent such as: dangerous gases (H2S), smells, sand and grease accumulation, equipment corrosion, structural erosion, clogged floaters; and it offers access safety. The DIP Systeme is then the solution for communities that want to modernize or extend their wastewater collection networks as it makes it possible to design durable and economical pumping stations with no wet well.

What we do

Derived from the DIP System, the range of their products is as follows:

  • Sidinox: Ready to install lift station equipped with the DIP System
  • DomoDIP: Small stainless steel lift station for connecting private houses to collective sewing network or non collective sanitation
  • DIP-M: the mono pump DIP-M is particularly adapted to rehabilitation cases and by-pass, as well as Industry processes
  • PM: Electro pump PM is multi-use pumps, particularly adapted for wastewater and rainwater and industrial fluids
  • DIP-T : The new direct in-line pumping system fitted with 3 pumps in one shared body

This process reduces costs in many different ways:

  • 100% savings on operational cleaning costs
  • up to 70% savings on construction and investment costs
  • reduced maintenance costs as equipment is kept dry and not in contact with polluted effluent and gases, ease of access, and designed with sustainable materials and few moving parts, with no oil pan
  • reduced safety risk for operating personnel due to shallower structures and equipment that operates in a healthy environment.


Since 2012, SIDE has developed its own SCADA system dedicated to DIP Systeme, called OmniDIP, with remote control and management in mind, based on M2M communication. It allows many advanced remote functions as resetting, distant unclogging and interrogations via secured internet interface or/and standards SCADA controllers.

In today’s global and throw-away society, the “enemy” is fibrous waste such as rags, therefore SIDE Industrie designed in 2013 the DIPCut, a patented impeller that becomes a “Shredder” when it changes direction of rotation. Coupled to variable frequency drive, this impeller changes its direction of rotation automatically when needed in order to cut snarled long fibrous materials and rags, and then remove them.

Since 2018, the circulators DIP-Booster by SIDE Industrie are derived from the high range of wastewater circulators DIP Systeme, and are also made of «boiler-plated» stainless steel.

The main applications for the DIP-Booster are: pipes with insufficient slope; pipes undergoing periodic backups; accelerated in-line wastewater circulation – more velocity; and for a gravity-fed line of 6’’ to 40’’ diameters.

Our advantages

The only process that eliminates the dangers and unsanitary conditions of wet wells, and reduces operating costs related to retention volumes due to odors, gases, wipes, and accumulations of materials.

Our products



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« Let's DIP in clean. The Unique Direct In-Line Pumping system with No Wet Well »