Water eyes

«  We'll give you reliable clean water. »

Who we are

Water Eyes is based on water-related technologies. The goal is to actively respond to changes in water quality by developing water measurement sensors and big data analysis systems for the construction of smart water city, to monitor the water quality in real time throughout the tap water supply process, and to provide water quality information, and to increase consumer confidence in tap water.

Unmeasured water quality cannot be managed. If administrators to citizens can see water analysis data, you can solve many problems. Like our logo and mission, Water Eyes is happy to give you the clean water you can trust.

The range includes:

  • Water pipe monitoring multisensory
    1. Acquisition of operating data at key branch when diagnosing water network (utilizing Logger/IoT function)
    2. Management of pipe networks through real-time monitoring of water quality and water pressure vulnerable points – Ease through constant monitoring of aging homes – Water quality management for public facilities such as kindergarten, elementary and junior high school – Main acceptance, water quality management and quantity of pipe network major points
    3. Use it for network management, such as smart city construction project, aging water supply modernization project, etc
  • We-Net (Real-time monitoring system)
    1. Web-based real-time monitoring program enables network network analysis and data management
    2. Use modules to build water management systems with network analysis in conjunction with real-time monitoring
    3. Daum, google maps link ing to understand the network and location information
    4. It is easy to locate various facilities during the production of pipe networks


What we do

Reasonable price and installation cost
(developed multi-sensor reduces use and installation costs by approximately 10% compared to conventional measuring facilities)

(you can add composite sensor configuration sit at key metrology points, and ensure ease of administration and ease of construction through IoT network, low-power interface configuration)

(can be installed exclusively according to the environment, vertical measurement is possible, and external scalability such as network diagnosis is easy)

Differentiated technology
(we provide predictive diagnostic services based on big data analysis, unlike products or services of overseas basic water quality companies with limited water supply simulation SW, water measurement and monitoring functions for urban design)

Made up of veteran water experts


Our advantages

World’s first
World-first development of “big data-based sewage operation management solution” with low-cost and high-efficiency in the field of real-time monitoring of incoming sewage

Low-cost, high-performance sensors
Multi-sensors developed at a supply price of approximately 10% compared to conventional measuring facilities, reducing usage and installation costs.
Using big data analysis techniques, it is possible to predict unknown measurement values by measuring 2-3 water quality, so 5-6 water quality devices are installed without need.

High technical scalability
Easy customization, customized according to the environment, can be installed exclusively to measure water quality, and external scalability such as pipe network diagnosis is easy.

AI Big Data Analysis
Unlike 23 domestic and international water quality companies that use most electrochemical sensors or scientific sensors, it is possible to predict unknown measurements by using big data analysis techniques, so 5-6 water quality devices are not required.

Maintenance optimization (durability)
Through the development of a sensor clean system for the removal of high concentrations of debris, maintenance optimization will be carried out to reduce failures.


Our products

water pipe network multisensor

Water pipe network measurement multisensor

  • Multi-sensor that can simultaneously measure integrated information of water network
    (Ph, residual chlorine, temperature, electrical conductivity, etc.)
  • Ease of acquisition of data (Logger/IoT function options)
  • Design to minimize power consumption taking into account battery life
  • Miniaturization for mobile and mobility
  • Easy to remove and detachable installation



Network Repair/Water Quality Modeling and Forecasting (WE-net) for the web

  • Web-based water pipe network (repair/water model development)
  • Daum connects network information based on Google Maps
  • Modeling features
  • EpAnet based on key functions and network information linkage modeling function
  • Normal and semi-negative can be interpreted
  • Residual chlorine modeling and estimating the reach time
  • Improved pipe network modeling input data GUI


Pratical case

Install at Korea Water Resources Corporation (K-water) JangHang Water Regeneration Center

K-water employee :  It is convenient to be able to check the data in real time using a mobile phone without having to go to the site, so that it can respond quickly to changes in water quality, increasing the efficiency of work.

Water eyes

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«  We'll give you reliable clean water. »