Capteurs d'Avenir

by Pollutec

News and market updates for environment professionals


Environment resolutions for 2019

Which innovations at Pollutec 2018 can be useful in your everyday life? Each edition of Pollutec reveals numerous new innovations. As these are often associated with professionals and their specific requirements, it is sometimes overlooked that some of them can quite...

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Chemical risks in the workplace: what to do

Whether it is in a work-related context or not, exposure to chemicals is never a trivial matter. Some seemingly innocuous activities (storage and handling, for example), actually put personnel in contact with hazardous substances. Others, on the other hand, leave no...

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Textile recycling: the new standards

According to the figures, the average French person consumes 10 kilos of textiles, household linen and shoes per year (THS)! This represents 600,000 tons nationwide! It includes textiles which instead of being re-invented, are simply thrown away. Increase the volumes...

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Which low-carbon mobility in France?

Le secteur des transports représente aujourd’hui 23% des émissions de GES dans le monde. En France, ce taux est plus élevé : il atteint 28,5% des émissions nationales (chiffre 2014). Il est donc plus que jamais nécessaire de décarboner les transports. Mais dans ce domaine, la stratégie doit être globale…

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Digester: all about the process

To actively participate in protecting the environment, the agricultural sector and private individuals are using anaerobic digestion more and more. This technique consists of converting organic matter into renewable energy. In practice, how is the procedure performed?...

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Implementing and granting the ISO 14001 standard

In France, companies continue to neglect ISO 14001 certification. Difficult to implement by the rigour and involvement it requires, it nevertheless has the advantage of mobilising and bringing together employees around a value promoting approach. We bring you this...

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Legionnaires’ disease: a resurgent risk

Having dwindled for several years, there is now a certain resurgence in legionnaires’ disease. In Europe, for example, in 2017 alone no less than 9,238 cases were signalled, almost two-thirds of them in just four countries: Italy, France, Spain and Germany. France...

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Make way for renewable heat and recovery!

The public debate about the French multi-annual energy programme (PPE) which has just terminated should contribute towards a revision of this PPE by the end of 2018 for the periods 2018-2023 and 2024-2028. It is worth remembering that reducing fossil energy...

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Iran: running out of water

L’Iran est un pays complexe peuplé de plus de 80 millions d’habitants qui fascine par son histoire et son peuple autant qu’il inquiète par ses choix et actions militaires et géopolitiques.

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